The digital shortfall management

Cliniserve TEAM offers an all-round package to not only save valuable time and costs in daily outage management, but also to absorb personnel bottlenecks more easily. Your employees are also rewarded for their active commitment.


Easy short-term replacements

Intelligent staff planning

Demand-oriented personnel deployment

Staff retention in nursing care

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Cliniserve TEAM shift exchange

Faster communication for short-term absences

Digital handling of staff absences

The Cliniserve TEAM Shift Exchange makes it easier and more convenient to fill in "from free time". Through a digital overview of the acceptances and cancellations of team members, the ward management can quickly fill short-term gaps in the shift plan. 

With an integration of the existing shift planning system, it is also possible to display all shifts that are already planned.

Reachability of several employees with just one click

To avoid long telephone chains and pressure situations in the event of staff abscences, ward managers can easily create digital requests. Employees receive these in their app and can confirm or cancel with one click.

Appreciation and predictability for employees

Active engagement, such as quick responses and shift pickups, earns employees points that can be exchanged for individual incentives.

The calendar in the app not only provides employees with a better overview, but also allows them to indicate voluntary availabilities or swap shifts. Thus lengthly search processes can even be avoided in certain circumstances.

You want to be able to react quickly in case of short-term abscences?

Cliniserve TEAM pool management

Easy scheduling of flexible personnel resources

Support for short-term personnel disposition

The pool management of Cliniserve supports you in the complex planning and scheduling of flexible employees through optimised deployment suggestions and automated communication to all parties involved. 

In addition, it helps with the creation of shiftplans for poolers based on utilization data and voluntary availabilities.

Scheduling according to qualification
and availability

Cliniserve TEAM allows you to appropriately identify and assign pool staff to wards based on workload data for each area.


Filtering options are used to provide appropriate recommendations to quickly find suitable and appropriately qualified team members.

Automated communication

Employees are kept up to date on their duty times and locations as well as possible shift changes through the app.
This saves valuable time at management level and reduces the use of temporary staff

You want to plan your flexible personnel resources in an uncomplicated way?

Cliniserve TEAM demand analysis

Optimal staff scheduling

Evaluation of current occupancy and capacity

Cliniserve's digital demand analysis provides a detailed overview of the current workload and staffing of the wards to guarantee optimal and objective scheduling.  


In the TEAM webapp, important parameters on the wards are recorded on a daily basis and clearly made available to the management level. This enables a historical evaluation of the data. 

Definition of your own criteria

The data to be recorded can be configured individually. The data includes, for example, information on patient occupancy and degree of care, as well as actual staffing by qualification.


On the basis of this data the dashboard allows you to see which ward is currently under particular strain and to dynamically dispatch personnel from the pool or from other wards.

You want to see all demand of the clinic in a glance?

Cliniserve TEAM employee app

The central communication tool

Use on a voluntary basis

The app provides improved communication within the team. The installation of the app is voluntary and employees benefit from a better overview of all shifts and open shift requests in the app. Muting of notifications is possible at any time and is another advantage compared to traditional communication apps, phone calls or similar, so that especially non-working time remains undisturbed!

Data privacy guaranteed

When registering in the app, there is the individual decision which personal data may be processed by Cliniserve and which will be displayed to the management. 


Likewise, the clinic is in no way informed about the general usage behavior in the app.

Extended communication functions

Employees can be regularly provided with current, internal hospital information directly in the app with the help of a news feed, without having to register in another additional application.

Communicate internally within the clinic via an app from now on

Cliniserve TEAM.

Integration of existing systems

Possible  interfaces

Cliniserve TEAM modules integrate very well with HL7/ FHIR or ODBC via open read and write interfaces. Among other things, this enables seamless integration of your shift planning system to display all scheduled shifts. 

Software adaptations for possible integration are included in the license agreement on our part.

Find a customized solution for your needs!


All modules can be used independently of each other and do not require any integration into the existing IT systems. This structure allows you to start with the module that acutely supports you most in your shortfall management and guarantees a fast and cost-effective start.

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