The digital task management

The digital task management of Cliniserve CARE relieves nursing staff with a mobile nursing assistant in the daily routine on the ward by automatically delegating tasks according to qualification and area.

This improves internal communication as well as communication with patients. In addition, duplicate routes and telephone calls are saved and process times are shortened.

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digitales aufgabenmanagement

All  tasks  at a  glance

Modern  hospitalization  for  your  patients  

Optimization  of  task  distribution

digitales aufgabenmanagement

Cliniserve CARE

Cliniserve  CARE App  for  nursing  and  functional  area s

Overview  and  prioritization  of  tasks

The App helps to keep track of pending tasks in the stressful daily routine on the ward at any time and anywhere. These  can  be  prioritized  or  even  handed  over to other employees.


A particularly practical feature is that smartphones fit into every coat pocket. This makes it possible for nursing staff to work directly at the "point of care".

digitales aufgabenmanagement
digitales aufgabenmanagement

Appropriate delegation of tasks according to qualifications, area and workload

At the beginning of a shift, employees log in with a pseudonym, their qualification and their area. This allows upcoming tasks to be assigned appropriately and automatically, and workflows to be optimized.

Digital  networking  of  patients  &  hospital  staff  

The  Cliniserve  CARE  app  is  available  for  Android and iOS.

The  app  can  be  easily  installed  without  complex  IT  integration.


Likewise, mobile devices can be rented from Cliniserve in a full-service model including mobile device management and LTE connection. Thanks to the flexible platform, existing smartphones can also be integrated.

digitales aufgabenmanagement
digitales aufgabenmanagement

Cliniserve CARE now also in elderly care

With the digital task management Cliniserve CARE you can simplify many processes within the care team, but also the collaboration with other services in your hospital. Tasks are generated with a few clicks, automatically assigned and provided with status updates, reminders and notifications transparently for all involved. The digital mapping of processes eliminates unnecessary phone calls and significantly reduces both time and travel. Translated with (free version)

You want to learn more about the Cliniserve CARE App?

Then you are welcome to watch the video about the use of Cliniserve CARE

in the UKSH from Springer's 19th Health Care Congress:

digitales aufgabenmanagement

Cliniserve Patient

The digital service call

Digital  extension  in addition  to  the  nurse  call  system

The Cliniserve CARE App offers an ideal complement to the nurse call system. Patients can intuitively select their request from a menu.


The menu can be individualised per ward and translated into different languages.

digitales aufgabenmanagement

Direct  feedback  on all  requests  

Staff members receive all patient requests automatically by qualification and responsible area in the app.


Through "one-click" feedback, long waiting times for patients are avoided. In addition, the possibility of immediate material take-away saves unnecessary duplicate walking.

Integration  of  bedside  terminals

Patients use the system via app or webapp on their own smartphone or on the bedside terminals, if available.


Thanks to pseudonymisation of the patients, no personal data ist transmitted under any circumstances and is therefore in compliance with data protection regulations.

digitales aufgabenmanagement
digitales aufgabenmangement

Refinancing via private health insurance

Cliniserve CARE enables a comfortable stay for your elective patients.


Our customizable patient menu allows for improved visibility of choices and services, resulting in increased patient satisfaction, as well as faster care through saved walk-throughs. In addition, you have the opportunity to have our solution refinanced by the PKV association.


Feel free to check out our blog in the coming weeks, more detailed information on the topic will follow there.

You want to improve your communication with patients?

Cliniserve Nurse Call Integration

All Patient Requests in one Interface

Upgrade for the nurse call system

Cliniserve offers an integration for every nurse call system that digitizes the nurse calls and enables data analysis. 


This involves live access to the nurse calls either serially via the ESPA 4.4.4 interface or digitally via the communications server.


Furthermore, the light calls are digitally assigned to the appropriate employees, depending on the area of activity, and displayed in the Cliniserve CARE app.

Clear display of all nurse calls

The responsible employees can clearly see in the app where the call originates from and can communicate in the team who is on the way - regardless of this, the aisle display and the analog light call remain as usual.


Carrying DECT phones can also be significantly reduced as a result. Consequently, the switch can be made to more versatile smartphones.

You want all patient requests collected in one app?

Functional expansion

Smooth coordination of transports

Automated  end-to-end  communication  processes

Via simple integrations with digital task management, the internal coordination of processes can be optimized in terms of time.


End-to-end communication processes are clearly displayed through automatically triggered tasks and status updates. This saves you telephone time and avoids annoying delays.




Recovery Room

Continuous  overview  at  every  step  

All stakeholders receive automatic updates on delays and adjustments to tasks. This avoids misunderstandings.


For example, a task is sent to the transport service in the app as soon as a patient leaves the operating theatre. At the same time, the logistics software is updated. Furthermore, the ward receives the information for the necessary preparations to take over the patient.

Efficient use of human resources

By simply improving internal information flows, reactive work behind a mountain of tasks is avoided. 


Consequently, transparent processes are created to reduce the workload of your employees and improve patient safety.

Communication processes should be structured from start to finish?

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Cliniserve Robotic

Support  through  robotics  integration

Robotic systems can relieve caregivers today and in the future and take over various supply activities, thus completing digital task management.


Cliniserve is the user interface to robotics for several manufacturers - both for patients and staff. This makes it possible to integrate robotics intuitively into care processes.

Not found what you are looking for yet?

Possible  interfaces

Cliniserve CARE provides the key piece to integrate caregivers into all internal communication processes. Consequently, it ensures that processes run "end-to-end" digitally. This helps to avoid delays and supports process clarity.


Thanks to the interoperable approach of the Cliniserve system, this is possible in combination with all current solutions and can be linked very well with HL7/ FHIR or ODBC. Through immediate use at the point of care, this enables your caregivers to provide seamless documentation, for example.

Especially important: With  all  our  solutions,  the  support  of  the  change  management  process  in care and  the  integration  into  the  various  systems is included.

Cliniserve CARE as a KHZG project!

With Cliniserve CARE, you no longer lose time because of duplicate runs or misunderstandings in communication.


Our Co-Founder Julian Nast-Kolb 

talks to Miriam Golis about the possibility

Cliniserve CARE as a KHZG project 


Watch the interview directly here or

learn more about it in our blog post.

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Thanks to the full-service approach, Cliniserve CARE can be deployed within 4 weeks without an internal IT project.

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