How not only the satisfaction of the nurses and patients was increased, but also how new data provided valuable information on station processes.

Introduction of the system

The CLINISERVE system is used at the Diakoniewerk München-Maxvorstadt on a surgical ward for orthopedic patients. After completing a questionnaire, the patient menu was specified and the role and area distribution was adapted to the ward. On the care side, the smartphones rented from CLINISERVE are used with mobile data connection to enable immediate use and minimize the investment costs for the clinic. The system therefore is WLAN independent. The system could be used in the care within one day. Additional training was not necessary due to the quick understanding of functionality and quick acceptance by the staff. In a further step, CLINISERVE also developed a dashboard to analyze existing nurse call data and thus gain insights into peak loads.

Karin Ploch, Nursing Manager at Diakoniewerk München-Maxvorstadt

"CLINISERVE is a forward-looking project. This can lead to a patient-oriented support in the busy everyday life of the nurse. Nurses can respond specifically to the needs of patients. The patient can actively participate. Thus, both sides helped. After successful introduction, processes can be optimized in the next step. Great project! Innovative team! Keep it up!"


Feedback from usage

CLINISERVE is highly valued by patients and caregivers. The easy handling of the system was repeatedly emphasized.

Patients repeatedly emphasized the comfort CLINISERVE brought them, as they no longer had to decide whether to ring the doorbell. Also, they enjoyed to have the feeling to help the care to achieve a smooth flow of the station processes and to make their everyday life easier. Productive feedback from the patients was that there was no fixed installation app, which is why CLINISERVE also offered a native app in the Apple and Google app stores after a few weeks.


"I wrote a letter to the management because I like the system so much. It's much nicer to use Cliniserve than to press the nurse call button."

Martin Mannhart - Shoulder operation



"Cliniserve gave me freedom and security when I was tied to bed after surgery."

Helén Mayer-Keller – Knee operation


Nurses appreciated CLINISERVE that the added value of the system was immediately felt with each request in the form of a saved way. This made up the circumstances of having to integrate a new device into the processes. Also praised was the ease of use and that you did not have to deal with the system for a long time to understand the functionality. The nurse wanted a way to send messages to patients so they could respond quickly to the request. CLINISERVE therefore developed this function promptly according to the requirements of the care and handed it over to the ward.


"Cliniserve saves me a double way with every request because I already know what the patient needs"

Nurse Manfred



"With Cliniserve communication with patients
is more fun"

Nurse Ririam



"Cliniserve saves unnecessary interruptions of the work, because I can give the patient feedback when I come over"

Nurse Mohammad


The comparison of CLINISERVE system data and the emergency button data revealed the following findings:

    • 90% fewer light calls from patients through CLINISERVE
      Patients who used CLINISERVE only needed the nurse call system in emergencies and otherwise communicated via the CLINISERVE system
    • Maximum 4.5 requests per top user
      Even high-frequency CLINISERVE users sent only 4.5 requests per day on average. Thus, the CLINISERVE system did not lead to a flood of requests that would have resulted in extra work for the care provider
    • Painkillers and infusion changes were most requested
      The most frequently asked questions of the patients were the desire for a pain medication and a new infusion. Frequently also the free text function was used


CLINISERVE uses the feedback from the Diakoniewerk München-Maxvorstadt to develop further functions that make nursing staff's work easier. So the staff wanted a way to be able to reply to patients, which was implemented in CLINISERVE and introduced server-based updates to the station equipment. In the future, the development of additional functions from the collaboration is planned.
The Diakoniewerk will also be part of a study to evaluate patient and care benefits.

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